Playground Update

Published: March 16, 2023
Playground Update

Since setting up our Spacehive play area improvement project, we have encountered some delays in progressing the scheme. Most of the design elements are unaffected, however the aspiration to include a wheelchair ride on swing has given cause for concern. During the design process we have become aware that concerns exist nationally for this type of wheelchair ride on swing if installed into an unsupervised public play area such as ours. We are currently seeking a workable solution.

The Parish Council’s current proposal is to develop an alternative scheme which continues to offer a much-improved play facility considering as many aspects of accessibility and inclusivity as possible in our playground. As originally planned, this will include the wheelchair ride-on roundabout, new self-binding gravel access paths to improve access into the space, servicing the new equipment and some of the existing play equipment, making access to the play area possible for wheelchair users (the existing ramped climbing frame in particular).

The amended proposal offers an alternative type of inclusive swing, (not wheelchair ride on, but one which allows most users to share the swing and play together) allowing inclusive play for as many of the community as we are able to safely offer in our playground situation. A picture of the type of proposed alternative swing is included in this update.

We consider the scheme to be a viable alternative that sticks to the spirit and objectives of the project. We hope that you will continue to provide your backing and support for this project but if you aren’t satisfied with the new aspects of the delivery and would like your pledged amount to be returned please contact

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